Number Cards Pack (0-10)

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  • Number cards (0-10) – 148mm x 210mm
  • 20x double sided counters
  • Whiteboard marker with eraser


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The number cards pack that your child will love! Suitable for ages 3+

Would you like your child to practise early number skills to 10?

Our number cards pack (0-10) are designed to be multifunctional and help your child learn various number concepts. These cards have a number rhyme (in the top left hand corner) to help your child to practise writing the number in the correct formation. Your child may use the marker to practise this skill and also play dough to make the number.
One of the main features on our number cards is the tens frame. This has been strategically included on our cards to help your child practise 1:1 correspondence (placing one counter on each dot) to match the number.

Once your child is confident in this skill, you may also use our cards to practise a very important concept called part-part-whole. This concept encourages your child to see the two parts in whole numbers.

Our number cards are great for learners of different levels as they have features to support beginner learners but also learners who have established their skills and are ready to learn more challenging concepts.

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